What We Do

Odd jobs Help with those annoying odd jobs you never get around to doing
Gardening When you need help to keep the weeds out of the garden and the bouganvilia under control
Preventative Maintenance Taking care of your things, especially property, before it breaks is a much more cost effective plan
Repair For those times when things do break
Rejuvenate When your place is tired and in need of a pick me up – a spruce up can be as easy as scrubbing clean or a lick of paint
Revitalise Breathing life back into your garden, your outdoor area so that it energises & pleases you rather than stresses you out because you ‘haven’t got to that job’
Rescue Rescuing that special piece of furniture or space in your home that you love just because you love it and can’t bring yourself to part with it
Remove Help with removing all that preloved, stuff & junk that just has no place in your home anymore

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